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Think Grow Lead exists for the fulfilment of the dreams, goals, legacies and commitments of Caribbean Entrepreneurs, CEO’s and Sales Professionals.

We pride ourselves on providing unprecedented services to all sizes of businesses from small entrepreneurial companies to the region’s largest corporations. We diagnose recommend and solve all the varied ailments that affect sales organizations and sales professionals. We have earned a reputation of being the most impactful sales trainers and sales development experts in the Caribbean. We are sought after for our cutting-edge and results-oriented approach to sales growth.


Why Think Grow Lead

Proven Track Record

With over 30 years of combined in-the-field experiences, starting and developing over a dozen proprietary businesses, and leading sales teams locally, regionally and globally, the principals of Think Grow Lead now provides companies of all sizes with best in class tools, systems, structures, skills development and strategies to achieve growth, improve margins, recruit stronger sales people, and develop high-performing sales professionals and cultures.

Customized Approach

Our philosophy is to provide each client with a unique solution that is customized to achieve their desired outcome. Depending on the client’s size, industry and complexity of issues, each TGL engagement is designed to meet their specific needs.

Integrated Partners

All our strategic partners must have one primary objective – help us make our clients stronger. That’s it. Our services are laser-focused on sales development. Our partners provide the core competencies that we don’t. They must fit with our clients’ needs and play well with the others in the sandbox so all our actions are unified in your interest. You’ll see that whether it’s a tool, application or consulting firm, we have already done the due diligence so that you don’t have to.

Chairman's Message

I started my first company at 20 years old with the gusto, passion and possibilities of youth. After 12 years, I sold my way to a $450 Million-dollar Business Solutions Company ranked # 5 in the region. Two decades later, having experienced the heights of success and the depths of failure I have seen where the absence of the right expertise, coach, mentors and partners stifles the growth and dreams of many an entrepreneur, CEO, Sales Professional. Think Grow Lead was created to provide that expertise, coaching, mentorship and partnership in sales-force development to help Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, CEO’s and Sales Professionals grow and thrive. We are committed to help companies realize the multi millions of dollars in organic growth that is trapped in the state of effectiveness or ineffectiveness of their sales organizations. We are committed to the national and regional development of the entrepreneurial ethos. Let us know how we can help you.

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