About TGL

Company Overview

Think Grow Lead exists to accelerate the business growth and financial successes of Entrepreneurs, CEO’s and Sales Professionals. We diagnose and fix every ailment a sales organization can have.

CEO’s, VP’s of Sales, Sales Managers and Talent Managers look to TGL when:

  1. Under significant pressure to increase sales productivity and meet sales targets.
  2. Frustrated with micro-managing sales leaders and spending too much time doing non-strategic work.
  3. Tired of wasting time and money recruiting the wrong sales people.
  4. Facing threats of losing or have lost market share or their best people.
  5. Hungry to develop a high performance sales culture and move away from reactive-price based selling.
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Think Grow Lead was founded in Kingston, Jamaica in 2015 by Duane Lue-Fung, a renowned and nationally recognized master at sales and Paul B. Bryan, a leading expert in corporate culture transformation, coaching, adult learning technologies and training.

With over 30 years in-the-field experiences, starting and developing over a dozen businesses, leading teams locally, regionally and globally, the directors of TGL now provides companies of all sizes with best in class tools, systems, structures, skills development and strategies to achieve growth, improve margins, recruit stronger sales people, and develop high-performing sales professionals and cultures.

We have earned a reputation of being the most impactful sales trainers and sales development experts in the Caribbean, training thousands of sales professionals, in over 100 companies across 9 industries.

Our team members are:

Duane Lue-Fung – Founder & Chairman

Duane Lue Fung is the Founder and Chairman of Think Grow Lead, The premier sales force development experts in the Caribbean. He is also an established entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experiences in creating and growing companies. He rose to prominence as the young entrepreneur who grew a home-based business into a multi-million-dollar copier and business solutions provider, ranked in the top 5 across the Caribbean.

His prowess and business acumen was acknowledged in 2007 when he was the recipient of the Governor General Award for Entrepreneurship and was recognized by the Business Observer as one of Jamaica’s 50 most influential men. His vision and leadership resulted in him being one of the youngest ever President of the Jamaica College Old Boys Association. He is also a founding member and past Vice President of Jamaica’s Young Entrepreneurs Association.

In 2011 Mr. Lue-Fung expanded his business portfolio into developing global commodities markets for a multi-million-dollar Global company. He distinguished himself as a leader, mentor and trainer, developing sales teams across the globe to record levels of sales performance.

His superb skills in sales, sales force management, entrepreneurial leadership, team building and personal development makes him one of the most sought after sales trainers and speakers across the Caribbean.

Paul B. Bryan – Managing Director

Paul B. Bryan is a human capital development strategist, trainer, and coach. He has close to two decades of successes, working with executives, managers and sales professionals across diverse industries and in several countries in the region. His work is known to facilitate breakthrough results for individuals and their organizations.

Paul’s career started in the financial service industry, where he completed 10 years in commercial and investment banking. He has led small, large and remote teams and was specially recognized for leading his Trading & Portfolio Management team to a $4 Billion increase in managed funds in just under 3 years.

Paul has helped to develop and led several training and development firms over the last decade, from Landmark Education, one of the world’s leading personal transformation company to the Global Institute for Transformation, and Knowledge Works Consulting - the Caribbean distributor for Harvard’s Corporate Learning Division.

Paul received his business and life coaching training from Coach University. He has a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Economics and Management from the University of the West Indies and completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Business Administration with the Manchester School of Business. He has been trained in transformational leadership, communication and the technology for accomplishment by Landmark Education.

Paul is an expert at creating, customizing and delivering training programs for sustainable impact.

April Douglas – Chief Operation Officer

Stephanie Hazle –Business Development Manager

Our Philosophy

While many companies focus on identifying training opportunities, TGL’s approach to developing sales teams begins with an emphasis on the desired results and outcomes. We identify appropriate, tailored, specific solutions to achieve a client’s desired results by first applying scientific and proven technologies to diagnose the fundamental problems, gaps, weaknesses in the company’s sales apparatus.

From hands-off to hand-holding and from turn-key programs to train-the-trainer programs, Think Grow Lead customizes solutions that are actionable and that get results.

Our philosophy is to provide each client with a unique solution that is customized to achieve their desired outcome. Depending on the client’s size, industry and complexity of issues, each TGL engagement is designed to meet their specific needs.

Our Difference

Think Grow Lead continues to dominate sales-force development in the region though our introduction of tools that are unparalleled and unprecedented in their scope and impact..…

  1. We are exclusive providers in the region of the 5-Time, best in class sales-force assessment tool.
  2. No-one else provides the # 1 rated sales candidate assessment; the only one that goes beyond telling what person can do to telling what the candidate will do with 92% accuracy.
  3. We have exclusive rights to train the only sales recruiting methodology that gives organizations a 95% chance of retaining new hires longer than those hired by other methods.
  4. Our principal trainers and program designers have 40 years of in-the-field, award winning salesmanship, sales leadership, and sales management experience, combined with extensive training in adult learning technologies and sales psychology.
  5. TGL has a proprietary and proven framework for translating knowledge and insights into skills and habits with over 80% of program participants demonstrating improvements in sales effectiveness with measurable results.
  6. As Caribbean nationals, with sales experience in many of the regions’ markets, TGL has in-depth knowledge and insight into the culture, psychology, markets, and the socio-political environment. This allows us to connect, engage and impact participants in ways expatriate professionals cannot.

Our Brand Promise

You will make more money for longer periods of time when you partner with Think Grow Lead

Our Clients

Our Partners

Our Partners Give You the Muscle At Think Grow Leda, we have a philosophy about partner referrals. All our strategic partners must have one primary objective – help us make our clients stronger. That’s it. Our services are laserfocused on sales development. Our partners provide the core competencies that we don’t. They must fit with our clients’ needs and play well with the others in the sandbox so all our actions are unified in your interest. They must be flexible and agile. Most of all, their service must work better at getting results than the other choices around. We believe that your organization deserves the best. It’s that simple. Look at our list below and don’t hesitate to ask us to explain why you might want one of these companies on your side.


Objective Management is the industry leader in sales force evaluations and sales candidate assessments. Their world-class suite of sales specific assessment tools helps companies make good, intelligent, timely decisions about the evolution that must take place in the sales organization.

Think Grow Lead has partnered with Membrain to deliver CRM the way CRM should be. With an emphasis on opportunities rather than accounts, pipeline rather than data-entry, accurate forecasts, flexibility, customization that you can do yourself, and an interface that salespeople love to use, you will love Membrain, too. We love it so much that we use it at Think Grow Lead!


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