Fueling Your Best Year

November 5, 2015

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In the previous article you learnt of a process to set up your best year by creating the space for it. The next step is to recognize your successes, assets and treasures. When you really get how gifted you are there is more freedom to think big and achieve more. When you know how rich you are you will play a larger game and make a bigger claim on life.

Taking Stock of Your Treasures: Just imagine this. There is an account in the bank with your name, which your father opened for you with $10,000,000.00. On the way to tell you, he fell, hit his head, and forgot what he needed to tell you. The question is; are you a millionaire? The correct answer is NO. You are not a millionaire because you are not AWARE that you actually have millions in the bank. Because you don’t know what you have, your thought, words, and actions will reflect someone who is not $10,000,000 rich. In fact you may be walking around saying, “I can’t afford anything”.

That is how most of us live our lives. We do not live our best life simply because we do not know what we really have. Our dominant socialization is to focus on what we do not have and where we have failed. As you look to create your best year, start seeing and recognizing your success and assets. These are the real fuel for accomplishment.

Plugging in to Your Success: The more you see and celebrate your successes the more daring and successful you become. The more aware you are about your assets, the more confident and resourceful you get. You are not turning a blind eye on “failures”. Your “failures” are simply to be acknowledged and learnt from. They are not to be used as a validation of any notions of limitedness or inadequacy.

The truth is we have access to all it takes to have the most extraordinary year ever. In the exercises that follow you will re-orient your thinking and focus on that which fuels extraordinary results, ie Successes, Assets and Strengths. In completing these exercises you will begin to experience yourself as unstoppable.

Task # 1: Recognize Your Blessings:

  1. Make a list of 200 things that you are grateful for. Look everywhere. Note the things you take for granted (I can walk. I have slept in a bed for 20 years straight. Fruit trees grow in my yard etc).

Task # 2: Recognize Your Successes:

  1. List 100 successes, wins, triumphs, you have caused for yourself and others. Include the big and small stuff. From scoring a goal to being hired for you first job, being kissed, to passing your driving test etc. Find 100 things, No less.

Task # 3: Recognize your gifts, strengths and assets:

  1. List the five things you received the most complements for.
  1. List five tasks you do better than most people and with relative ease.
  2. List five things you can teach someone to do and could possibly get paid for.
  3. List the five most valuable things you know
  4. List the ten most influential persons you personally know and their areas of expertise.
  5. List your 5 biggest triumphs over setbacks or failures.

When you have completed these exercises you will be in a new realm of power and possibilities. It is from that place that you want to look ahead at the remainder of the year and begin to claim and design your best year. Join us in the next article for part three, Managing For Your Best Year. Then I will share the framework for fulfilling this year as your best year. See you then.

For more tips, tools, forms and strategies to fuel 2016 in a powerful way contact me at paul@tgltrainers.com . CREATE AN AMAZING YEAR BECAUSE YOU CAN.

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