Sales Recruiting

Sales Candidate Recruiting

Sales Recruiting is one of the toughest tasks within an organization because finding the right people who will not only sell, but who will thrive, in your culture is a very tricky feat. Significant time and money go to waste each year in hiring the wrong persons.

We help clients develop a world-class, sales specific recruiting process to identify, attract, filter, interview, select, hire, on-board, and retain top sales talent who will succeed in the client’s business, with their pricing model, competition and challenges.

Our Framework

Our Sales Recruiting Framework is called STAR the acronym for Sales Talent Acquisition Routine. The world class, sales specific recruiting process takes the guess work out of attracting, identifying, filtering, interviewing, selecting and onboarding quality sales people.

Developed by Objective Management Group, and licensed exclusively to TGL for the region, this proprietary system, STAR, provides a robust framework to develop a consistently repeatable process for hiring successful salespeople that will be right for your organization.

Sales Talent Acquisition Routine (STAR) Program

Sales Talent Acquisition Routine was written to assist CEO’s, Presidents, Sales VP’s, HR Directors and Sales Managers with the often-difficult task of identifying, finding, attracting, interviewing, hiring and retaining top sales talent.

The Goal of STAR – Hire salespeople that will be effective selling your products/services.

The STAR Difference

Outline of STAR Training Modules

  • Module 1 – Why Salespeople Must be Different and Why They Have Struggled in Your Business
  • Module 2 – What to Look for in a Successful Salesperson
  • Module 3 – Sourcing - Find and Attract Salespeople to Succeed in Your Business
  • Module 4 – How to Use Automation to Save Time
  • Module 5 – How to Use a Sales Specific Pre-Employment Assessment
  • Module 6 – How to Use the Information on a Resume
  • Module 7 – The Phone Interview - How to Qualify Candidates in Less Than 5 Minutes
  • Module 8 – The Second Interview/Audition - What to Look for and How to Be Sure
  • Module 9 – Compensation, Documentation and the Job Offer
  • Module 10 – The Final/Sell Interview
  • Module 11 – The First 90 Days - Managing the New Salesperson
  • Module 12 – Who Does What
  • To speak with one of our experts about how our sales recruiting programs may benefit you, or for a detailed outline of the Sales Talent Acquisition Routine (STAR) Training, click here.

    Free Resources

    In some cases, for those clients who prefer to outsource this process, TGL sales Recruiting will provide turn-key solutions, handling the entire recruiting process on our client’s behalf.

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