Sales Culture Transformation Programs

Sales-force Transformation

Oftentimes companies want more, much more than is available from short term, sporadic sales training programs. They recognize that the prevailing sales culture will never allow them to compete much less dominate their space. Think Grow Lead's major commitment is to help companies create high performance sales cultures.

Organizational cultures

Organizational cultures, sales or otherwise, are transformed only through holistic programs that create a sustained injection of new philosophy, mindset, conversations, routines and practices, systems and matrix for measuring, monitoring, managing and rewarding performance. Companies seriously committed to creating a culture shift typically commit 1 to 4 years to that process.

The Outcomes

Our high-performance sales culture programs work on developing and aligning every aspect of the sales organization to best practice high performance levels. We assess and help CEOs develop the 10 core elements of high performing sales cultures. We address sales strategy, leadership, management, psychology, tactics, skills, systems, process and organizational integration.

The Diagnostic

The process begins with an evaluation of the sales organization and each member. The diagnostic is called the Sales Effectiveness & Improvement Analysis. From this report the development agenda is clarified.

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