Terry Ann Gordon – Jamaica Observer – Senior Sales Executive

This was an excellent, excellent and more excellent presentation. The presenters were on point. One thing I know about courses like these, after lunch everybody falls asleep, no one fell asleep today. One thing I am going to take from this is that I am going to have to work on myself, because working on myself, I will be beneficial to my clients. And yes I am in that 4 percent; come on out, this course has been excellent and u have nothing, nothing, nothing to lose.

Stayciann Smith Gordon – Sagicor Insurance Brokers

I would recommend this course to any salespersons. This was very informative, the presenters were very interactive. We learnt a lot about ourselves, about communication with our clients and just maintaining the business that we have. I am a top 4 percent, I would say send your people out so that they can figure out what a top 4 percent is.

Peter McFarquhar – Industrial Gas Limited

I would like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the session. I felt it was amazing, the presenters were great and one of the main things I took away from it is really about self motivation which is the first step into becoming a successful salesperson, and that I would take back to my company and I would definitely recommend this to anybody in sales.

Nariesha Murray Graham – Unicomer – Procurement Manager

I want to say that I totally endorsed this training seminar whether you are in sales or non sales. I myself is a non sales professional, I am a buyer, but I was intrigued by everything that was said. I am not selling but I want to be in that top 4 percent. I want to go for the star, I want to do everything that they told me. It was very engaging, very informative and you will not regret spending every dime, so come on out and support TGL and you will not regret it.

Lisanne Chai – The Stationery Centre – Owner

I am extremely happy that I came to this seminar. It was very informative. I received a lot of valuable information to take back to my sales team. One thing that I love the most was that they did not just touch on strategies, or on closing a sale, or follow up. They spoke a lot about the mind set, cause if you don’t change, things are not going to change. You can’t hope that things are going to change for you, so I think it all begins with the mind set, and I really appreciate that they spoke on that, and then they went into the strategies of selling. I think I would definitely recommend this to anyone who sees that they need to continue training and development of their sales team. It is very valuable.