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How to Increase Your Sales With 3 Surefire Techniques


3 Surefire Techniques on How to Increase Your Sales 1 - Find More Customers How to increase your sales is the the first thing that comes to mind when we think of making more money. We assume this is done by getting more customers through our doors.  In fact, the majority of advertising focuses on doing just that. There are several things you can do to entice more customers to buy from you. Implement Follow-Ups - Follow ups can increase your customer conversion rates by as much as 50%.  Now, that’s a whopping improvement! Don’t let potential customers fade away.   [...]

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Why Corporate Sales Training Often Fails to Achieve Desired Results


by Dave Kurlan  – CEO Objective Management Group Why do you train salespeople and sales managers? Some companies want to educate them and improve their skills. Some feel obligated to provide training while others provide training to improve results. Some do it to help their salespeople, improve morale and feel good about making it available. These are all very noble concepts, but usually achieve disappointing outcomes. Train your salespeople to change your salespeople. Until THEY change, their beliefs, behaviors, strategies and tactics won’t change. And there’s the problem. Many companies, believing they have the resources (trainers, HR people, sales managers, [...]

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Top 10 Steps to Recruit Strong Salespeople


by  Dave Kurlan  – CEO Objective Management Group If you’re tired of hiring salespeople who take too long to achieve mediocrity and more often fail to achieve anything noteworthy, some best practices may be in order. The following 10 Steps are the key to developing a process that yields consistency when hiring strong salespeople.  It takes 1-2 days to show clients how to apply these steps to their businesses so please understand that this article simply identifies the steps. 1) Always Recruit – the worst time to hire a salesperson is when you need one. You’ll be less likely to wait for the right [...]

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The Comprehensive 90 Day Orientation for New Salespeople


by Dave Kurlan – CEO Objective Management Group Yesterday I spoke to the Distributors for Billington Wines in Washington DC.  One attendee asked about my comprehensive guidelines for on boarding new salespeople during the first 90 Days.  I believe that most companies set their new salespeople up for failure.  I believe you should prepare your new salespeople for success.  While I have probably posted about this subject on various occasions, I'll try to get it all in here. Answer These Questions for your New Salespeople: What are all of the problems we solve? How many applications are there for our products/services? [...]

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The 21 New Sales Core Competencies for Modern Selling


by Dave Kurlan – CEO Objective Management Group Can you name 10 Core Competencies of a great salesperson? Let’s see, there’s prospecting, qualifying and closing, and then there’s….wow, this is difficult! For the past 20 years, every Objective Management Group (OMG) sales force evaluation and sales candidate assessment has been tied to 21 Sales Core Competencies. We constantly improve, update, enhance and perfect the science of evaluating sales forces and candidates. For all that we do though, I found it disheartening that we had not updated the Core Competencies to reflect the changes that have taken place in selling [...]

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How Do They Measure Up!


How Do Your Salespeople Measure Up in the 21 Most Crucial Sales Competencies for Modern Selling? - By Dave Kurlan Over the years I've debunked a number of articles that cited nothing but junk science. The authors often relied on observation, anecdotal evidence and personal opinion while proclaiming traits, competencies, skills and differentiators between top salespeople and everyone else. Today those articles would qualify as fake news. My rebuttals to those articles, many of which can be found here, are always based on science. Speaking of the difference between fake news and real sales science, the next topic downright amazes [...]

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