Project Description


  • How would you cope with losing your top three salespersons in the next month?
  • Do you have a team where more than 40% are missing their sales target?
  • As the head of your sales organization, do you want much more than short-term, tick-the-box, training intervention?

Transform your Sales Culture!

In any industry, the team with the best sales culture will win.  The sales culture determines the fruits and the return of your sales organization. To move from order taking/reactive selling, to secure quantum leaps sales return, to have a team where 90% and more are exceeding targets, requires a re-engineered sales culture.

Creating a new sales culture requires the injection of the philosophies, leadership, mindset, conversations, routines, disciplines, practices, systems, KPIs, compensation, reward and recognition structures, tracking tools, and personnel.

For the CEO and sales leadership team bold enough to embark on this initiative the rewards will be phenomenal. It is development at this level that move a competing player to dominant leader in their market space.

TGL has developed a proven framework to achieve this in sales organizations. The process begins with a detailed, science driven, evaluation of the sales organization at all levels, which drives the design and execution of a customized multi-year development program.

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