Project Description


  • Are you a CEO or Business Owner who is also trying to lead and manage your sales team?
  • Are you feeling frustrated, angry or stressed out by that role?
  • Do you lack the structure to REALLY hold the salespeople accountable to the right behaviors, every day of every week?
  • Do you hang on to underperforming salespeople longer than you should?
  • Would you like sales to be growing at a more rapid pace?

If you answered “yes” to some or all the above questions and you can’t justify the cost of hiring a full-time dedicated sales manager, we may have a solution for you in the form of an Outsourced Sales Manager. We create a tailored program of consistent on-going sales management involving a wide variety of resources to help the sales team excel while enabling you (the CEO/President) to focus on the rest of the company’s operations.

The typical situations we address with this program are:

  • Growing company where the need for a professional sales team has increased
  • Owner/Manager needs to focus on other business matters
  • Budget does not allow for a full-time sales manager
  • The Sales plan needs to be established, revised, or improved
  • Full-time sales management is not necessary, but some direction is needed
  • Sales structure discipline and accountability needs to be established
  • Unexpected departure of sales manager leaves a gap which needs to be filled on an interim basis
  • One-on-one coaching is needed for marginal performers, for a new salesperson, or for a sales manager
  • Mentoring of a rookie sales manager or manager-in-training is necessary
  • Special circumstances require an independent third-party intervention

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