Project Description


  • When your sales manager gets better your sales team gets better.
  • While training is a necessary part of a sales manager’s development, coaching is the real catalyst for sustainable change and improvement in a sales managers’ ability to grow and develop their sales team.
  • With 4 out of 5 Sales Managers being ineffective at coaching and developing their team, this sort of support for them is vital.

The responsibility to provide clear and effective coaching for the sales managers and VPs is that of the Sales VPs or the CEO/Business Owner.

For the CEO/Business Owner and VP that is too busy to provide the quality of coaching their Sales Managers/Leaders needs, the Sales Management Coaching Program at TGL is a  valuable asset.

Think Grow Lead offers highly qualified and experienced sales development experts who provide effective, timely coaching to sales people, sales managers, and sales leaders.  TGL provides ongoing training of our own team, making sure that you get the maximum value for your investment. Our unique coaching personalizes your experience, gets to the root of individual issues, and enhances the overall development experience.

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