Project Description


  • Frustrated by the difficulty in trying to recruit and develop a high performing sales team?
  • Want to focus on your core technical competence and have sales experts handle the sales?
  • A new product line that you want to introduce to the market quickly, but don’t want to distract your existing team from its core sales focus?
  • Struggling to improve lead generation and conversions?

If you are trying to scale fast to grab market share, enter new markets, sell a new product/service offering, or sell more of your existing portfolio, and lack the required sales resources and tial support, then outsourcing your sales function in full or part to the experts at TGL is a really viable option to explore.

TGL Sales Outsourcing Division provides the following services:


We assist clients with lead generation using inbound or outbound techniques, or a combination of both.

Our inbound lead generation programs involve a combination of email marketing using our proprietary e-mail databases, direct mail campaigns, internet search engine strategies and social media outreach. Our social media efforts can use LinkedIn, other B2B social media sites, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and videos that draw attention to your product or service offering. We write the sales conversion content to move a prospect to action.

Cold-calling, inbound lead generation efforts or following up with cold sales prospects can occupy valuable time for your highly paid and successful sales reps. If you can provide them with qualified leads that are interested in speaking with them, they can spend more time closing, and less time cold calling unproductively.

We can qualify hundreds of new prospects for distribution into your direct sales channels even when the service is technically complex or involves a lengthy sales cycle. TGL Sales Outsourcing can qualify prospects right up to the product demonstration or proposal stage.

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Our appointment setting services will put your closer(s) in front of the right people to seal the deal.

Our B2B appointment setting services get results. We set meetings with decision-makers that can and will buy your products and/or services. More sales appointments lead to more proposals and closed deals.

Whether we acquire an ideal prospect list or utilize your list, we do all the heavy lifting. As your front line, we’re relentless. Our B2B appointment setting services will secure qualified meetings for your sales force. We can also revive old relationships setting up warm meetings with familiar accounts.

You pay us to have thick skin and produce results. You get the meeting without all the upfront rejection. We listen and work closely with you to understand the characteristics of your ideal customer. We then design a call campaign that consists of scripting, staff matching, and lead identification.

If you are having difficulties growing your business and getting qualified B2B appointments, this service is right for you. We get to the prospect and get you Qualified and GUARANTEED appointments or DEMO’s. All you have to do is close the deal!

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Trade show sales studies have shown that up to 80% of the leads that are gathered at trade shows are not contacted, are contacted too late or are ignored.  This compromises top line revenue growth.

We have seen that many companies are not equipped to capture the results they should from their trade shows. We know most companies can achieve up to 40% more qualified leads simply by contacting and attempting to qualify every trade show prospect within a few days of the show.

We’re not like other telemarketing firms, give us the raw, unqualified trade show leads so we may qualify them for you and get them into your sales pipeline.

Let your sales reps spend time closing deals.  The results will be an increase in the quality of your leads, converting them to prospects and consequently, closing more sales.

Stop spending thousands and millions of dollars on trade shows, and not getting closed deals. As one of the best telemarketing firms in the nation, we will call those leads, pre-qualify them, and give you prospects that are interested. We can even set up the appointment!

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Our outside sales rep model provides a contract sales force to sell your product, or services, in the field.

We can penetrate complex markets and verticals, develop new markets or grow market share in existing markets.  We can work on-site, or at one of our field offices in your market. Our sales teams become your outside contract sales force with direct supervision by you, or by our field sales managers.

We have extensive experience in selling tangible and intangible services in multiple industries utilizing face to face meetings with prospects and decision makers.  We can meet with multiple prospects in a day, fill a pipeline and be closing sales in a few months. The sales cycle will be contingent on the cost of your product or services, and competitive indicators in the market.

Our ability to determine the needs and overcome the concerns of a prospect allows our reps to close more sales, per prospect, than typical sales organizations.  This is a direct result of having strong salespeople on our team and the best sales coaches in the business.

The benefits of working with us to roll-out your outside contract sales force is speed to market, experienced teams, less overhead than hiring internally, no management on your part and you get RESULTS!!

We meet weekly with our clients, either in person, or by phone for updates and verbal progress reports.

Written reports are provided monthly.

If your organization needs assistance in developing a sales strategy, we will work in partnership with you to develop your sales plan, identify the prospects for your organization, and execute the actual sales.

If you are hitting BRICK WALLS with your sales, use our outside sales teams. These programs typically require a 6-month agreement. But we have, on a case by case basis, run shorter programs for project specific work.  Call us to discuss your needs, specific service/product and how we can help!

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