Project Description


  • Are your salespeople selling in the best way?
  • Is there a clearly defined, stage by stage, step-by-step, milestone by milestone process that your salespeople use to get consistent and reliable sales results?
  • Are you aware of the millions of dollars you lose just by not having an optimized, team-wide adopted, sales process that your managers coach from and hold the team accountable to?

Even without technical sales skills training, companies that adopt a best practiced and optimized sales process throughout the organization grows sales by as much as 15%. For many companies this runs into the millions of dollars of revenues each month.

TGL offers a sales process optimization and implementation consultancy that allows the sales organization to create a formal, structured, customized, and optimized sales process that when integrated into the sales culture and enforced by sales management, will increase sales revenues by as much as 15% with no other intervention added.

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