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There are many areas where HR & Sales Professionals do a magnificent job and hiring sales professionals is not one of them.

If you look at your existing sales team, you must conclude that however that team shows up, reflects the strengths and weaknesses of the hiring system you have.  You simply cannot hire salespeople the same way you hire any other role. You cannot assess them with instruments designed in a social environment and that doesn’t measure sales competencies. From how to profile the sales role to using a resume and conducting a strong interview, more than 90% of HR professionals and sales managers get it wrong very day.

To help sales organization improve the effectiveness of hiring the right salespeople we offer training and licensing of the world’s best framework for recruiting sales professionals at all levels.  The STAR Program.

The STAR Training & Licensing Program.

Sales Talent Acquisition Routine (STAR) Program was written to assist CEO’s, Presidents, Sales VP’s, HR Directors and Sales Managers with the often-difficult task of identifying, finding, attracting, interviewing, hiring and retaining top sales talent. The Goal of STAR – Hire salespeople that will be effective selling your products/services. Outline of STAR Training Modules

  • Module 1 – Why Salespeople Must be Different & Why They Have Struggled in Your Business
  • Module 2 – What to Look for in a Successful Salesperson
  • Module 3 – Sourcing – Find and Attract Salespeople to Succeed in Your Business
  • Module 4 – How to Use Automation to Save Time
  • Module 5 – How to Use a Sales Specific Pre-Employment Assessment
  • Module 6 – How to Use the Information on a Resume
  • Module 7 – The Phone Interview – How to Qualify Candidates in Less Than 5 Minutes
  • Module 8 – The Second Interview/Audition – What to Look for and How to Be Sure
  • Module 9 – Compensation, Documentation and the Job Offer
  • Module 10 – The Final/Sell Interview
  • Module 11 – The First 90 Days – Managing the New Salesperson
  • Module 12 – Who Does What

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