Project Description


Your organization needs strong sales talent to fuel your growth.

Our recruiting specialists will work with you to find talent than CAN and WILL sell your products, in your markets, against your competition and at your prices, successfully.

With TGL Sales Recruiting Division working for you, you will:

  1. Attract Better Candidates
  2. Streamline the hiring process
  3. Save Tremendous Amount of Time
  4. Eliminate Hiring Mistakes
  5. Reduce Turnover
  6. Have a higher % of New Salespeople Achieve Success
  7. Save Millions of Dollars

Our recruitment team leverages the best practices in sales recruiting at all stages and levels, and we are the only recruiting firm in the Caribbean that use the world’s # 1 sales candidate assessment which provides 92% certainty that our recommended hire will be in the top 50% of your sales team within a year.

Our recruiting framework solve the following problems:

  1. Turnover – Voluntary and Involuntary
  2. Not Enough Winners
  3. Not Enough Quality Candidates
  4. Don’t Know How to Recognize Winners
  5. Inconsistent Selection Criteria
  6. Failures in the recruiting process
  7. Long Ramp up Time
  8. Uncertainty of Development Priorities

We guarantee each of our placements for one year.

We can help you find, hire, on-board and keep strong sales talent that has eluded you in the past.
This service is designed to help hire Sales Managers, Sales VPs, and Individual Salespeople.

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